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Stuck With Tough Dissertation Topic? Here Are Tips For You

If you read this, it's safe to assume that you're contributing an original body of knowledge to your academic field somewhere. After all, that is what writing a dissertation is. It is further safe to assume that if you are already mastering the fundamentals of academic work at this stage of an academic career. You are a note-taking student, a library seeker, and finder, you exhaust indexes and you own Google. To create intelligent, breathtaking papers of blinding brilliance, you can pour over the old and the new of your field and string paragraphs together. Everyone is saying so! It's highly unlikely you can't read, write, and do research at this stage. But, writing of this dissertation is a challenge. It's a game that is a lot longer than you probably have ever played before. Your dissertation marks the culmination of your PhD's several years of research and capstone. Your best dissertation guides will be your supervisor, your committee, and your fellow gradua…

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