What Is The Role Of Research In Dissertation Writing?

Dissertation Writing

Research is considered the essence of the dissertation writing. It is the strength of the text and it adds credibility to the information being shared. While students give importance to research to write a successful assignment, they often forget that it’s the art of bringing the research to their ideas and making connection between ideas and research.

Why Is Research Important In Dissertation?

Following are the reasons why research is considered the most important activity while writing a dissertation.


Researching the topic and citing the references adds to the credibility of the text of the assignment. It shows that the student has considered the ideas of the experts in the field and that the text is not vague. It makes the dissertation help more believable.


If an essay is written after a thorough research, it becomes an industry standard which is worth being published in a scholarly journal. Therefore, in order to take the assignment to a certain benchmark the students should conduct a complete research.


The research gives a better understanding of the topic and the pros and cons of the argument also become clear to a student. In this way, a student is persuasive enough to convince the reader. It also adds information other than the topic yet useful for the student in many ways.

Research Skills

The students develop the research skills after having done a lot of research on their assignments. The teachers deliberately give research based topics to enhance research skills in their students.


Research is one way students can prevent plagiarism. Research helps the students to build on their own ideas in reference to what experts say about it.

Guide To Effective Research

Students are advised to consider the following steps while doing research before writing a dissertation.


Planning the research saves time as it keeps a student focused on what needs to be researched than visiting the website randomly.


Try searching with a focused approach keeping in mind the reason for collecting the information. The best place to begin is online library database.


It is perfectly all right if the students feel like giving their own point of view by formulating them in a way that it is acceptable. Students should be able to answer “what, why and how” while they are formulating the ideas.


The thoughts should be organized according to what the students already know and what the students have learned. Mind mapping is the best way to organize ideas as it gives a visual representation to the connection of the ideas.


Once the thoughts have been jotted and organized, the students can start writing. The students should avoid over-use of sources. Also, it’s better to avoid direct quotes by the philosophers or experts.

Students should refer to the sources in their own context by talking about their personal ideas and relating it to the authentic source.

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