How to Write an Opening Statement in a Graduate Dissertation?

Graduate Dissertation
Writing a dissertation is a lengthy and a time-taking process. It will take a lot of energy and dedication to complete your dissertation task. Apart from this, you must have in-depth research and writing skills. It will help you to complete your dissertation on time. It is important to note that there are six chapters of a dissertation. Out of these six chapters, the opening statement chapter is the most important one. In other words, you can say it is the introduction chapter. It is the first chapter of your dissertation, and obviously, you will write it first.

But, you need to make sure several things while writing it. Your reader will read this part of your dissertation with utmost care and attention. He will not lose his interest and go through the whole dissertation. So, you should make sure to write it in the best way possible. You should consider several things for writing an opening statement in a dissertation. This article aims to discuss those aspects in detail which you can use for writing opening statement in graduate dissertation writing. So, let’s discuss them.

Background Information:

Writing background information in the opening statement section of a dissertation is necessary. It will help your reader to get familiar with the topic. But, you should make sure that you are not writing background information in a generic way. You should make sure to introduce your topic with background information. It will help you to align the topic with the existing researches. Apart from this, you will help your reader know the research gap. If you explain the research gap, he will know what led you to pursue this topic. So, you should not forget to write the background information. It will help you to grab the attention of your reader too.

Explain the Focus of Your Study:

The next important step is explaining the focus of your research work. It will help you in two different ways. First, it will help you provide the information regarding focus. Second, it will help you to explain the rationale of your dissertation. This way, you will explain to your reader the area of your research that you want to research. But, you need to make sure one important thing, and that is to align it with background information. You should make sure this thing consistently and continuously. Things will start working in your favor, and you will keep grabbing the attention of your reader.

State Research Problem:

The next important step is stating the research problem. After writing the background information, now it’s time to write the research problem. It will help you to directly address your dissertation. It is a specific problem that will help you narrow the research focus. But, what is the research problem? It is a gap in the existing studies that your research will discuss. You will discuss this thing in the literature review section in detail.

Write Research Questions, Aims and Objectives:

It is one of the most important aspects of the opening statement of your dissertation. Apart from the topic, you need to develop a few research questions that your study will answer. You will answer those questions with the help of research findings. Later on, you will interpret these findings in the result interpretation section. Furthermore, you need to develop research aims and objectives. It will help your reader to know what the purpose of your research is. Also, it will help him know that how you want to achieve those aims and objectives.

Write Limitations and Methodology of Your Research:

No matter how extensively you write your research, there might be several limitations. You should make sure to write those limitations too. You might face limitations to find the data. You might face difficulty while selecting the population or sample size. So, discussing these limitations will help you to strengthen your research. It is better to discuss those before your readers find them out. Apart from this, you should discuss research methodology. You must explain how you will collect the data and what type of data you are considering. You should also discuss appropriate tools for result interpretation.

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Writing a dissertation is a lengthy and time-taking process. There are several chapters of a dissertation. One of them is the opening statement chapter. You need to write it with utmost care and attention. There are several things you should consider while writing this chapter. This article discussed a few tips that will help you write the opening statement section.

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