Countries With Effective Legal Execution

Legal Execution
Execution is also known as the death penalty or capital punishment. The name of a government-sanctioned practice due to which a person is killed by a state is known as execution. This person is killed as a punishment for his crime. The most common crimes that can become a cause of execution are murder, terrorism and offence against the state. There are almost fifty-six countries where execution is legal. On the other hand, almost 106 countries completely abolish the execution or death penalty. Here, experts of PhD dissertation writing services will discuss the countries with effective legal execution.

Africa: Most of the countries in Africa are still following the execution. In 2014, Chad was the first African country which abolishes the execution. In 2015, due to the terrorism issues, Chad introduced it again against terrorism. On the other hand, if we discuss other countries of Africa like Nigeria, Congo, South Africa and Kenya, we can get an idea that these countries are still executing the people. In 2018, Burkina Faso has also decided to abolish the execution.

Americas: In the Caribbean countries, the last death penalty was given in 2008. Most of the countries of America like Brazil, Chile, the US and Peru follow the execution laws only in exceptional issues. In these exceptional issues, there come those crimes which were committed during the wartime.

Asia: Most of the executions in all around the world are taken place in Asia. The most active country regarding the death penalties in the world is China. According to the figures, the death penalties in China are more than the combined world. Iraq and Saudi Arabia are also following the execution rules very strictly. In North Korea, the death penalties are given to those criminals only who are committed in the high level of crimes. India and Pakistan are also following the execution rules. India and Pakistan execute the death penalties only when the criminals are caught under some extreme cases. Mongolia has decided to repeal the execution.

Europe: Most of the European countries are following the human rights policy and that’s why they are against the execution. If a country wants to join the European Union, it has to follow the human rights policy. In other words, we can say that to follow the human rights policy or to abolish the execution is the pre-condition to join the European Union. Anyhow, in Europe, Belarus and Luhansk People’s republic are still following the execution rules. All the countries of Europe except Belarus and Russia are strictly following the abolish policies and they have not executed a person after 1999. For the abolishment of the execution, the EU has also devised a Charter of Fundamental Rights.

According to figures, almost 21 countries have performed executions in 2018. In the United States, 25 persons were sentenced to death in 2018. In Belarus, more than 4 persons were sentenced to death. In Pakistan, more than 14 persons were sentenced to death. In China, there are no exact figures for executions in 2018.

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