The Link Between A Movie Industry And Advanced Technology

The film industry comprises the technological and commercial institutions of filmmaking such as film production companies, film studios, cinematography, and festivals. The movie is an art and it is a product of the development of science and technology.  Without science and technology, a human cannot achieve this magical art. This magical art can make our fantasies into reality.  If you are not able to write an essay on the movie industry and advanced technology, you can contact with essay writing services.

The history of the film industry
Throughout the history of film, technological advancement has dominated impact on the direction of the film. However, since the 1960s, with the emergence of digital technology, the whole film industry entered into a new era.  After the emergence of technology, the film industry has been changed completely. People all over the world can experience a pleasant admiration and audio-visual experience when they are watching films. Meanwhile, digital technology has become a powerful tool, allowing many filmmakers who have the great enthusiasm to make their own movies easier than before. Now, everyone can make “movies”.
The link between a movie industry and advanced technology
There is a deep link between the film industry and advanced technology. Advanced technology is the soul and brainpower of the film industry.  The evolution of digital technology brought a great change in the film industry.  First of all, the research addresses the current situation of the film industry, which involves every link in the film industry such as production, distribution etc. We move then to find the fundamental changes hiding inside the industry to learn that what digital technology really means to film industry. Finally, the paper will address the impact of advanced technology in the film industry.
The emergence of digital film
The emergence of the film producing industry must pay tribute to technology, which offers an opportunity for people to dream and presents moving pictures in front of our eyes. According to Joey Wang (2011), “It should be noted that the Lumpier Family is considered the inventor of the film “. Technological progress has an important impact on film such as from silent film to sound film, black and white to colour, followed by wide-screen, digital, huge-screen, and 3D films, even the revolutionary VR film. All these are products of technology in the field of film. Therefore, we can assert that digital film is the production of advanced technology.  Without advanced technology, a digital film was not possible.
Digital electronics and advanced technology
Digital technology embraces digital electronics and utilizes certain equipment to transform picture, text, sound, image and other information into binary digits that can be recognized by the electronic computer. It is based on many processes like stores, transmits, spreads and resumes information. It is named as digital technology, because, the computer is used to encode, compress and decode the information in the storage.  This article describes the milestone in film development after the emergence of advanced technologies and also discusses changes in the film industry.

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