Some Impacts Of New Technology Implementation On Employee Performance

In the 21st century, the process of implementing the new technology in order to enhance the employee performance has developed. Nowadays, the use of the digital technology, communication technology, and the internet has become the solid ways to enhance the performance level of the employees. We can access a wide range of the data and interrelate that data in no time with the help of the advancement in the technology field. There are thousands of impacts of the new technology implementation on employee performance. Some of them are given below; 
1) Impacts of technology on health and safety

It is a fact that a sound body has a sound mind. This sound mind is present in the healthy body and a healthy person is able to perform his/her tasks with full attention. That’s why most of the organizations and companies implement a lot of health and safety technologies in order to save their employees from the adverse situation and to improve the production level in an organization. These technologies work for the welfare of the employees in the following adverse situations;

A) To save the employees from the different kinds of the communicable diseases like malaria

B) To minimize the risks of accidents and other kinds of the causes of injuries

C) To provide facilities to the employees in the case of exposing some hazard chemical like radioactive material

2) Impacts of the technology on the job satisfaction

Job satisfaction means that an employee is satisfied with the expectations that are implemented by the employer and the pay that is rewarded in the honour of his/her services. The job satisfaction is considered as one of the most important factors in order to enhance the production level within an organization. There are different kinds of the technologies are used by the organizations in order to satisfy the employees with their jobs. The most important technologies are CAM, VR, ES, Internet, and so on. All of these technologies have provided a new edge to the organizations in the field of the business. If you are a student of business and you are not able to write any kind of the academic paper, then you can get help from the PhD dissertation writing services.

3) Impacts of technology on the performance
The simplest definition of the performance is to complete a particular task within the given time by meeting all the standards of accuracy. The ethical use of the technology is also an important way to increase the performance level of the employees in order to achieve the required outcomes of an organization. With the help of implementing the new technology in the field of the business, the workload of the employees will also be reduced. Moreover, with the help of the advancement in the technology, more work will be done with the help of the less number of employees and this thing is also helpful to reduce the job opportunities within an organization.

Along with these benefits, the advancement in the technology is also helpful for the employees to enhance the efficiency level, communication level, flexibility, and organizational skills.

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