What is the E-Views? And What kinds of purposes students use it?

Economic views or E-views are used for the analysis of the statistical and economic problems. We use the statistical package for the windows in order to obtain the E-views. They are used for the estimating and forecasting the time-series and cross-sectional analysis. We use the technology of relational database along with a spreadsheet for the E-views. In order to display the object orientation, the programming language is also combined with it. The current version of E-views is 10. The students use them for the numerous purposes. Some of them are given below;
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1) They are used for the purpose of panel data analysis. We can use them for making the different graphs of the data that is provided in the form of different work files. Some standard tools of the E-views are also used for the analysis of by-groups. We can also use them for the stacked observations.

2) They are also used for estimating the regression models. For example, if we want to make an analysis of the money supply, then we can make its analysis with the help of making the logarithm of the total supplied money, the logarithm of the income and interest rate. For this, first of all, we make an equation and then put these values in this equation in order to get the final result.

3) The statistical forecasting software is also made on the basis of the E-views. Due to its cutting edge features, this software has become the most famous software among the students in order to perform the statistical analysis. Some important features of this software are given below;

A) The interface of this software is easy-to-use for the students

B) The analytical tools of this software are also powerful

C) This provides us the best quality output

D) There is also a programming interface in it

4) As we know that a dummy variable is mostly used in the statistics and economics. These dummy variables provided some important help in the qualitative analysis of the regression models. A dummy variable works on the principle of BCD and uses only two digits 0 and 1. If a variable is going away, then we use 0. On the other hand, if we want to draw the intercept, then we use 1. To create a dummy variable expect than E-views is a difficult task for the students. The students feel it easy to create the dummy variables with the help of E-views.

5) Another important purpose of using the E-views is to forecast the different equations. Here, we make some columns and these columns are given below;

A) The first column is for the different variables

B) The second column is for their coefficients

C) In the third column, there comes the standard errors

D) In the fourth column, you should write the t-statistics

E) At last, there comes the column for the probability

By putting data in these columns, it is easy for us to solve the equations with the help of E-views.

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