The Increasing Racism in Education - Steps That Must Be Taken

Increasing Racism in Education
Education is the most important thing in our life as it teaches us how to become better human beings and better citizens of the country we are living in to put together a safe and humane society and the world as a whole. Not only this, but education also plays a key part in helping to determine how to spend our adult life; an advanced level of education means better job opportunities, high earning, good health and secure and happy life. Those who fail to get high degrees or at least complete their high school face long term social and financial costs as they lack the skills to participate socially and economically to enjoy better prospects in life.

As told by an assignment writing service, according to the international human rights law, education is the right of every person regardless of their color, caste, and culture. To adhere to this law, governments all over the world have introduced a fair and inclusive system that ensures primary and high school education is provided free of cost to the people and make society more equitable. Even though education has expanded considerably and people now recognize its role in a civilized society, yet problems like racism continue to plague it and this is the main reason why so many people are still left behind.

Racism And How It Affects Education Racism in education is a serious issue in the United States as well as many other countries and affects the ratio of literacy in the world. Racism can be found in the ways teachers interact with certain students, in the way students deal with their peers, in academic access and funding, teachers’ actions and school discipline. It is important to realize that racism is not something that just happens, it is a learned behavior and it is only with education, understanding, and awareness that we can address this issue and look forward to creating a just society, where everyone has equal rights to study.

It is essential to understand that an increase in racism will lead to nothing but problems in the long run. Thus, it is necessary to take proper steps that play a positive part in eradicating racism and give way to a more tolerant and cohabiting society. Here are some of the steps to prevent racism in schools;

Creating Awareness:The most key step to prevent racism in education is by creating awareness and understanding. Teachers and other key players need to understand how culture, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, and socio-economic status affect us and how we can get rid of the prejudice that leads to racism. It is necessary to reach out to students as well as teachers and create awareness that equality of humanity is above all colour, caste, religion and other factors. Everyone must learn to recognize and deal with our personal biases by hiring dissertation writing services to understand people with different experiences.

Relevant Teachings:Teachers are mentors and students learn a lot from their behaviours as well as the knowledge they impart. Teachers must take the driving seat when it comes to eliminating racism from society and create a learning environment that rules out the differences of races, ethnicity, and caste but priorities academic excellence, cultural competence, and social harmony. It is equally important to teach the significance of social justice and activism as this is the only way to foster a diverse community.

Integration Of Diverse Culture And People:Whether it is school, college or university, we will find people from cultures and races all around us in the same class and this is where racism takes root. The best thing to do is to integrate information regarding diverse cultures and people in the curriculum and it will not only help students understand others coming from another culture, ethnicity, and religion better but also promote better tolerance. Not only the students will develop an interest in other cultures and their traditions but it will also give them a chance to know each other better, leading to a happy and creative learning environment.

Responsible Handling Of Racial Tensions:Told by a cheap essay writing service, there are times when racial tensions arise in class but the teachers are unable to handle them properly and end the discussion because they fear hostility and trouble in case things go out of hand. This should be taken as an opportunity to learn so that both parties can hear each other out, express their thoughts and believes and make others see to their point of view. It is important to know here that teachers should be taking sides and let students discuss matters in a peaceful environment to address this racial tension productively.

It is necessary to understand how damaging the rise in racism can be particularly in education that teaches us to be a part of a civil and peaceful society. It is only when mentors and teachers will take the right steps to handle racism most effectively that every student will get an equal chance at moving forward.

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